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The tech of Formula 1 – BBC Click formula 1 technology

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The tech of Formula 1 – BBC Click

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The tech of Formula 1 – BBC Click
formula 1 technology
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46 thoughts on “The tech of Formula 1 – BBC Click formula 1 technology”

  1. I be glad to see F1 bussines cut expensses to one thousand of the current values. It is mad how much money they are spending. My first rule will be overall costs limitation.

  2. Unbelievable focus on one goal with billions of dollars spent! If only this kind of technological mindset and budget to could be applied to areas that really matter – like taking care of the environment or world hunger and poverty. I enjoy F1, not knocking it, just wish this type of competitiveness could be transferred to other areas – otherwise, what's the point? Maybe these types of social issues should be managed by F1 teams…

  3. £50 million. Close????
    Ummmmmmm no.
    More like £150-200 million, from scratch at least for the prototype.
    With a race car? who knows but alot of money is being pushed into this by the constructors

  4. Seriously? The tyre change video in bum-clencher jeans she could barely bend in and high heels? Great job reinforcing the dumb blonde stereotype bbc! Maybe you should have used a strong ethnic minority woman who would appear to do the job better than the mechanics?

  5. F1 used to be great to watch, then they started with turbocharged 4 cylinders or whatever, a stupid points change, and races in the middle of nowhere where most people not only can't afford a car, but worry about how they're going to eat day to day. When Bernie left, so did I. This isn't anywhere near as enjoyable as it was when Schumacher was trying unsuccessfully to prevent the Alonso ascendancy. It's become boring.

  6. Have you seen how cheap it is to build a VMAX200 car these days? Get those wussy drivers sat in some VR driver-link pods to stop them complaining about a bit of G-force in the corners and ramp up the speeds again to something FASTER than we had it back in the real performance days before the artificial go-slow. It's very simple, car go faster keep interesting.

  7. I'm sorry. For all broadcasting muscle BBC has, I can't bear a bimbo who fancies herself – in an oh so panto way – splattered all over this documentary.
    No problem with a woman co-presenter if Diversity insists – but I need someone I can take seriously…..

  8. F1 would be so much better if the cars drove themselves by Ai and they ran on electric. It would be not only better for the environment but it would remove the human and therefore risk of life. It would also be more exciting 👨‍🦱👨‍🦱👨‍🦱👨‍🦱🙆‍♂️

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