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How To Bless Elekes
How To Bless Elekes

What should you not do with Elekes?

Elekes can not be touched by anyone except for priests, and if they are touched, the person touching them must clean them. The beads all have different meanings and represent different divinities of Ifa. “The elekes I have mean life, protection and one of them represents my god Oshun,” Scott said.

What are Elekes for?

The religious items used by Orisha worshipers vary from group to group and devotee to devotee. Most devotees wear a necklace or necklaces (collares, also known as Elekes) representing the colors pleasing to their orishas. Coconut rinds or cowrie shells and a straw mat are used as divination tools.

Elekes,Do I Need Them?!?⛓⚜️📿

Elekes,Do I Need Them?!?⛓⚜️📿
Elekes,Do I Need Them?!?⛓⚜️📿

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Elekes,Do I Need Them?!?⛓⚜️📿
Elekes,Do I Need Them?!?⛓⚜️📿

What are Elekes in Santeria?

Elekes, also known as Collares, are one of the first initiations experienced when entering into Regla de Ocha, or the Lucumí tradition. These necklaces are the banners of the Orisha and serve to place the wearer under their protection.

How do you know if you are a daughter of Oshun?

She is one of the most popular and venerated orishas. If you see the number 5 a lot (my two most recent apartments were on the 5th floor), are attracted to the color yellow or gold and enjoy sweets, specifically honey, then you too may be a child of Oshun.

Does Ifa believe in god?

Like some other religions, Ifa includes magic, the use of traditional medicines and veneration of the dead. Like Christianity, Judaism and Islam, Ifa is monotheistic, but its supreme creative figure, Olodumare, shares power with dozens of subsidiary deities.

What can a babalawo do?

Through Ifa, the role of the diviner (known as a babalawo) is to help an individual or community to see what is in store for them in their day-to-day lives.

What do green and yellow beads mean?

Green connects us to unconditional love and is used for balancing our whole being. It connects us to nature and to empathy with others.​​​​ ​ Yellow (warm) Represents sunbeams, warmth, healing and motion.

Who was Obatala?

Obatala or “Orisa Nla” (known as Obatalá in Yorubaland and in Caribbean and South American Spanish and Oxalá in Brazil) is an orisha. He is believed, according to Yoruba cosmology, to be the Sky Father and the creator of human bodies, which were brought to life by the smooth breath of Olodumare.

How do you know if you have Oshun energy?

Women who possess a lot of Oshun energy are independent, confident, and generous. They love freely, but don’t feel victimized if a relationship doesn’t work out. They are kind and helpful, but they are not a martyr. They can communicate their needs effectively and listen to the needs of their partner.

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Blessing Eleke – Best Skills | HD by Az Scout International (Makoz Group)

Blessing Eleke – Best Skills | HD by Az Scout International (Makoz Group)
Blessing Eleke – Best Skills | HD by Az Scout International (Makoz Group)

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Blessing Eleke - Best Skills | Hd By Az Scout International (Makoz Group)
Blessing Eleke – Best Skills | Hd By Az Scout International (Makoz Group)

Who is the strongest orisha?

Ṣàngó is viewed as the most powerful and feared of the orisha pantheon. He casts a “thunderstone” to earth, which creates thunder and lightning, to anyone who offends him.

How do I become Ifa?

How do you become an IFA? In order to become an IFA, you first need to complete a Level 4 Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA). This qualification is made up of two units, with the first being based on financial services regulation ethics and the second focusing on advanced financial advice.

How do you greet Oshun?

How do I call Oshun? To call upon Her, the proper greeting is, “Ori Ye Ye O”. She is identified with the new crescent Moon and Venus.

Why does Oshun wear yellow?

When she came down to earth, she wore a gold dress and jewellery. This is the reason why her worshippers also wear gold and yellow attires in festivals honouring her. When the gods came down, they completely disregarded Oshun while they engaged in the work of creating the earth.

What food does Oshun like?

Oshun’s favorite thing to eat is honey, and her contagious laugh can either put you under her spell or send shivers down your spine.” And Oshun, who is said to be jealous, can be vengeful when she is crossed: “Oshun is as sweet as honey,” Mesa writes, “but her honey can also turn sour.”

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Who is god in Ifa?

Eshu, also spelled Eschu, also called Elegba, trickster god of the Yoruba of Nigeria, an essentially protective, benevolent spirit who serves Ifa, the chief god, as a messenger between heaven and earth.

What is Ifa priest?

Yoruba priests of ifa are known as babalawo (fathers of secrets). Trained from their youth in the rituals of divination, they are masters of a vast corpus of oral literature known as ese ifa often referred to as containing the wisdom of ifa.

How do you greet a babalawo?

Whenever you greet a Babalawo or Iyanifa, the proper greeting is Aboru (Ah Boo Ru) Aboye (Ah Boy Yea) Abosise (Ah Bo She Shay) .

Wearing Elekes

Wearing Elekes
Wearing Elekes

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Wearing Elekes
Wearing Elekes

Who was the first babalawo?

Ño Remigio Herrera Adeshina Obara Meyi (1811/1816 – 1905) was a babalawo (Yoruba priest) recognized for being, along with his mentor Carlos Adé Ño Bí (birth name, Corona), the main successor of the religious system of Ifá in America.

Can you get out of Ifa?

You can opt out at any time by emailing [email protected] or logging into your My IFA and going to your Preferences.

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