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Every James Bond Gadget. Ever. 007 technology

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Every James Bond Gadget. Ever.

Every James Bond Gadget. Ever.

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Every James Bond Gadget. Ever.
007 technology
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45 thoughts on “Every James Bond Gadget. Ever. 007 technology”

  1. The overarching thing about Bond gadgets is how they rely on almost clairvoyance by Q for exactly what kind of snag Bond will need to get out of. Also notable is how Bond will get some gadget that'd be good to have ALL THE TIME, but he only ever gets it once. A possible good way to address these things in one fell swoop is for there to be at least a rough proprietary plan of what Bond's mission will require so as to have his gadgets not look dependant on clairvoyance. And also why he only gets a certain kind of gadget once that'd be good all the time because such gadgets fit a proprietary plan or purpose, and because he can only carry so many on him for a given mission. But how to do this in a way that doesn't resemble Mission Impossible planning scenes… 🤔

  2. My favorite gadget is the miniaturized portable helicopter in "You Only Live Twice." It killed the enemy helicopter squadron by using various weaponry to shoot them down. 👍😄👍

  3. I love how every portrayal of James Bond always has the same kind of reactions to awesome technology.

    For example, the car that can turn invisible, most other characters would go:
    "Oh my god! That is absolutely INSANE!"

    But, the character of James Bond just goes:
    "Oh, very good"

  4. Wisdom of shiva conciousness… Advanced technologies… Most of secret governments technology is more advanced then the new technology today… Think hundreds or thousands of years ahead many call it alien or elite's tech.. sadly the technology is not made to help humanity but to destroy … This is not the way of shiva … We can make technology to help humanity more better then destroying humanity… Wisdom of nonduality

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